Brasserie Bahnhof Schaffhausen

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Brasserie Bahnhof Schaffhausen is a friendly bar and a restaurant. It has an international following caused partly by its beautiful webcams.
Capital of the northernmost Swiss canton that shares its name, SCHAFFHAUSEN has one of the most captivating medieval town centers in the whole of Switzerland. It is a beautiful border town along the Rhein River west of Lake Constance. Like many other Swiss towns, it is colorful and lively, with tremendous natural scenery and lots of medieval architecture to show off. Just 3km down river are the mighty Rhine Falls, a blockage to shipping on the otherwise navigable river that to this day forces boats making the journey from the Bodensee to unload their goods (or passengers), and then load up again beyond the falls for the journey on towards Basel. Almost as if too far north to be of concern to most visitors to Switzerland, Schaffhausen is nonetheless an unsung, uncelebrated gem.

Schaffhausen was a city state in the Middle Ages, documented to have struck its own coins starting in 1045. For a time it was under Habsburg domination, but regained its independence in 1415. It allied itself with Zurich in 1457, and became a full member of the Swiss Confederation in 1501. The first railroad came to Schaffhausen in 1857.

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