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San Francisco Marina Sidewalk Webcam

The Marina in San Francisco, California is a 74-acre expanse of grass between Fort Mason and the Presidio. It is adjacent to San Francisco Bay , and this location provides good views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz Island, and parts of Marin County. Houses built mostly in the 1920s and 1930s line Marina Boulevard, the southern boundary of the Marina Green. Adjacent to the Marina Green is a marina, home to the St. Francis Yacht Club and the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Prior to the 1906 earthquake, this area was a tidal marsh. After the earthquake, much of the resulting rubble was dumped here. Later, to provide land for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, this site and the adjacent neighborhood (now the present day Marina District) was filled in. A nearby remnant of the Exposition is the restored Palace of Fine Arts.

The Marina District is home to the Marina Safeway which continues to operate with only minor exterior modifications 40 years after it's construction. The “Marina” Prototype: A classic piece of architecture named for the first Safeway store so designed, on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco. Hundreds of these remain around the country, including the original. Most have been remodeled and expanded. The Marina Safeway is particularly notable for its singles scene — it is frequently listed as one of the city's best pick-up spots and is affectionately known as the "Single's Safeway" or more recently, "Dateway." This concept was first popularized by the San Francisco author Armistead Maupin in his late 1970's novel "Tales of the City", a film version of which has been broadcast on PBS.

The Exploratorium, a science museum, is a popular tourist destination in the Marina District. Many couples take their wedding photos at this site. The Exploratorium is located at the Palace of Fine Arts and provides an opportunity for patrons to explore the physical sciences in a hands-on fashion. Schools throughout Northern California routinely bring young students on field trips to this museum, as it is well known for its exhibits and creative learning environment.

San Francisco is considered one of most beautiful cities in the world, attracting tourists from around the globe. With its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and of the San Francisco Bay, with its steep hills, bridges, cable cars, hotels, a mix of Victorian and modern architecture, and a rich cultural life, San Francisco is a true metropolis. The city is located on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and has traditionally been the focal point of the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco is the second most densely populated major city in the United States.

In 1776, the Spanish colonized the place that was to become San Francisco, establishing a fort at the Golden Gate and a mission named for Francis of Assisi. With the advent of the California Gold Rush in 1848, the city entered a period of rapid growth. After being devastated by the 1906 earthquake and fire, San Francisco was quickly rebuilt and is today one of the most recognizable cities in the world.

San Francisco is known for its months-long episodes of fog, and its peninsular location surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Famous hallmarks and landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, the Transamerica Pyramid, and Chinatown.

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