NUVI GPX Exporter

This program was written to make it easier to work with the GPX files that the Garmin NUVI GPS create.

The primary file that the Nuvi creates is called Current.GPX which is located in the GPX folder. Current.gpx contains a copy of the favorites and the most recent GPS logs. Each log is dated and time stamped.

Older, archived logs can usually be found in a folder in the GPX folder.


The program below was written primarily for myself and friends. If others find it useful, great but please note the note below.

Version for XP ONLY - A 2.9 meg zip file

NOTE: These programs are provided on an "As Is" basis and the user assumes all liability. It is assumed the people downloading these files are knowledgeable in electronics, computers, and GPS and will be able to figure out things on their own. Support is not included.


Downloading the Garmin NUVI trip logs to the computer.

  1. Plug in Nuvi and wait for the green bar to get all the way to the right.
  2. Start the Nuvi GPX Explorer program.
  3. Change the drive to the Nuvi's by clicking the down arrow next to the drive box currently displaying C:
  4. The Nuvi drive letter should display the GARMIN folder. Double click on it.
  5. Double click on GPX, click on Current.gpx
  6. The entire file can be copied to the C:\GPX... folder by clicking FILE, COPY .....
  7. To download a track or tracks, click Selections and then Load Tracks
  8. Select which track or tracks to be exported to the C:\GPX\....\output folder.
  9. Click Export

Loading the Garmin Nuvi trip logs (tracks) into a DeLorme program.

  1. First download and export the track from the Nuvi (See "Download the Garmin Nuvi")
  2. Load a DeLorme program such as Street Atlas or Topo.
  3. Click on Draw, then the line to select the desired color for the track.
  4. Click on File, then Import
  5. Change File of type: to GPX File (*.gpx)
  6. Click on the pull-down arrow next to Look in: and browse to C:\GPX\...\output
  7. Browse by:
    1. Double click C:
    2. Double click GPX
    3. Double click the folder found there
    4. Double click on the output folder
    5. Click on the desired file to import
  8. Click Open
  9. When it is done, click Save and then Import again if there are more files to import or click Done if you are done.
  10. Click Map Files so you can look at the tracks closer.

Note: When this is all done, you should clear track log on the NUVI to make the next download less cluttered.


In addition to unzipping the downloaded file and double clicking "setup" to install the program, Delorme product users should copy the NewForNuvi.dim file into the c:\Delorme Docs\symbols where the other .dim files reside.

If the favorites are exported they are converted to Delorme Waypoints. The Symbol Table is cross reference table between the Nuvi names and the Delorme names. My friend has a PN20 which came with an additional .dim file for more symbols but even using them there were some that didn't match up. That is the reason for the NewForNuvi.dim file.

The program will do its best at finding a match but if a match doesn't exist the Delorme program will use whatever default for the symbol so it is nice to get a match but not critical.

After you have selected and exported the favorites you wish, load the waypoint file into the Delorme program the same way as the tracks listed above. The name of the file will be the first (in alphabetical order) favorite that was selected.