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    One of the pleasures as one travels about the country is to locate, photograph historical markers and monuments. Of late we have added a GPS to our list of equipment so we also record the GPS coordinates when we take the picture.

    Aiding us in our search for historical markers (in Nevada) is the book "Nevada Historical Marker Guidebook."

    This web site contains a list (with photos and GPS coordinates) of the historical markers that we have found. It should be noted that errors may have gotten into the numbers but we've tried to be accurate.

    It should also be noted that errors do exist in the book as well as on the signs themselves. An example of this are markers 124 and 125. Both 124 and 125 markers are marked 125 but the book identifies one of them as 124 and that is how we identified the sign. Another issue is 57 and 58. We found 57 where 58 should have been according the book.

    Speaking of identification, the identifiers that start with NV (from 1 to 250) are those that can be found in the book. Other markers have numbers but are not in the book such as NC019. It is marked NC (Nevada Centennial Marker) to avoid conflict with NV019 which is in the book.

    In our search for markers, there has been a few problems. For example: The Stewart Indian School's location in the book is "Jct. U.S. Hwy. 395 and Synder Ave., Carson City." We finally found it almost a mile east of U.S. 395 on Synder. Passed marker 76 and within sight of marker 77.

    We hope this web site will increase your interest in the history of our country and encourage you to find a few markers for yourself.

Disclaimer: Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here but because eradicating all errors is impossible, we shall not be liable for any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to have been cause directly or indirectly by the information contained on this web site.