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 January 2005

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Rod Hall Team Hummer

This is one of the two twin Racing Hummers build in 1995 for desert racing for the Rod Hall team. Rod, with more than 160 major off-road racing victories, spanning five decades, across four continents, is the most successful driver in off-road history.

With the twin Racing Hummers, Rod and son Chad organized the first all-American team to ever finish the torturous 4,700-mile Dakar Rally in 1996, racing through Spain and the deserts of Africa. The twin Hummers have competed in Baja races and the Best in the Desert series in Nevada and Arizona, winning many races. Victories have included winning the Baja 1000 and Nevada 1000 back-to-back, and Best in the Desert series class championship in 1999 and 2002.


CHASSIS:Production H-1 Hummber


WEIGHT:6,850 lbs.

SHOCKS:Custom Built

SPRINGS:Custom Built



ENGINE:6.5 GM Turbo 450 HP

DRIVERS:Chad Hall, Josh Hall, Rod Hall

Files have been reduced to about 40K in size.