Ken Jacobsen                 Resume:

1433 Kokoma Rd

Fremont, CA 94539



Mr. Jacobsen has been in the microcomputer industry since 1978 when he founded Microsystems Training Institute in southern California.  MTI performed end-user and dealer training for companies such as Preachtree, MicroPro and Ashton-Tate.  From those early experiences,  Mr. Jacobsen joined Osborne Computers as employee forty-nine.  He was the original software acquisition manager and was later promoted to International Software Manager.  After Osborne, he joined Award Software as a start-up and served as their International VP and later as the VP of Business Development.  In 1982, between  Osborne and Award he founded Connexus as a consulting vehicle.  He revitalized Connexus after he left Award and has been consulting ever since.  In 1989 he became an Associate Consultant for SRI, International, where he served in their Pocket Intelligence Program as a specialist in hand-held computers, wireless communications, and emerging technologies.  In 1993, he was recruited by Hewlett Packard to serve as their licensing agent for their Serial InfraRed patents.  To facilitate this task, he organized the InfraRed Data Association (IrDA) to create a standard around their technology.  He personally recruited over 70 members by June, 1994, and licensed over fifty OEMs including every major PC manufacturer world wide with the HP technology. Today, IrDAhas over 200 members and is the established standards body for IR technologies.


Other representative clients served by Mr. Jacobsen include:


§         Atari/Poqet/Inmac/Telex: Third Party vendor program development

§         AT&T/DCA/MicroPro/Enable/Spectrix/Pearlsoft: Developing business models for new products     

§         Fujitsu: Contracted to organize the PCMCIA— he helped organized the charter meetings of that association and recruited PC and software participants to join with the semiconductor companies.

§         Phoenix,Microlytics, Holographics: Consulting on International marketing

§         Samsung: Developing world wide marketing plan, Member Technical Advisory Board

§         AMP, Temic, Kodak, NEC, Cirrus Logic: Designing infrared devices, market strategies

§         HP/Microsoft; Sharp: Software protocols for InfraRed systems.

§         HP, Lockheed-Martin, Toshiba: Patent and technology licensing

§         MarQlin, evVia, OIC (currently 2003) Start-up companies: Business Development


Through his various projects, Mr. Jacobsen has provided consulting services or marketing support to over 100 major companies world wide and has an extensive network of personal contacts.  Much of his work has been international with strong connections in Asia, South America, Europe and the Eastern Europe

Mr. Jacobsen has produced a number of marketing studies including an analysis of  PCMCIA market opportunities published by SRI (1993), an analysis of  IrDA market opportunities published by Dataquest 1994. He was Editor In Chief of the book, Launchng Your Software Businesss In America (2002) published by the Finnish government (Tekes). He has authored books in other fields, including most recently (2002) Eating to Save the Earth, an ecology book published by TenSpeed Press.

Connexus manages a joint venture with Toshiba to develop and bring to market a new genre of software products—meetingware, under the name, SPANworks. SpanWorks is  half owned by Toshiba and half by the Connexus management team.



Currently, Mr. Jacobsen is involved as a Director of the Global Software Program at Oulu University, Oulu Finland. This government sponsored program is training Finnish Software companies in American style entrepreneuralism and helping them expand into the American market. He has worked with over 60 Finnish companies as part of this program.  Simultaneously, Mr. Jacobsen is consulting with a number of high tech startups, including MarQlin, OIC and enVia. His contributions include Business Plan Development, Strategic Planning and Marketing.




1969-1976            United Presbyterian Church-- Pastor

1975-1978            Educational Services Association-- VP Fundraising

1977-1979            Microsystems Training Institute-- President

1980-1982            Osborne Computers--Software Acquisitions Manager

International Software Manager

Negotiated OEM distribution contracts with all major software vendors. Prepared programs for international markets. Established international sales and support structures.


1984-1987            Award Software- VP International Sales and Marketing

                                                    VP Business Development


Established international distribution network in eleven countries which accounted for 53% of revenues.  Established company as major supplier of firmware technology. Established large base of over 500 OEM contracts world wide.





1964-1968            California State University, Hayward BA

1969-1971            Princeton Theological Seminary- M.Div

1976-1977            University San Diego-- towards M.A., Education